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DigitalAgenda is pleased to announce the finalists for 2019’s Impact Awards – our third annual celebration of the very best of UK tech for good. The award winners will be unveiled at our awards event in London on Thursday 7 March.

The 36 finalists for DigitalAgenda’s 2019 Impact Awards, sponsored by Nominet, have been announced, with a brilliant and inspiring set of tech-for-good innovations shortlisted for the awards.

People’s choice award - voting now open

There are 36 finalists in all for the 2019 DigitalAgenda Impact Awards. You can now vote for the winner of our people’s choice - an extra award based on a public vote - until 23.59 on 28 February 2019. Here you can vote for as many of the 36 projects as you feel deserve your support, by ticking next to each of them via the VOTE HERE button below. One set of votes per email address please. Thank you for taking part!


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People theme


Initiatives and digital products that support and promote inclusion, and that boost under-represented groups in the technology sector.

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The disabled access review website

Created by and for disabled people looking for great places to visit, this charity’s access review website is used by thousands around the UK and beyond.

Tech Talent Charter

Employer-driven initiative helping companies achieve the diversity in tech they know they need, but don’t know how to get. They commit to share data, best practice and collaborate to drive diversity.

The Dots

Founded to democratise talent and give everyone the opportunity to rise to the top, The Dots has set its algorithm to promote diverse talent and help companies discover and hire people irrespective of their educational background.


Technologies that are transforming both teaching and learning, in schools, universities or online.

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No Isolation’s telepresence robot is designed to be the eyes, ears and voice in the classroom on days when those with long-term illnesses can’t be there in person.


Empowering teachers to work smarter, not harder, CENTURY’s intelligent learning platform for schools, colleges and universities improves student outcomes and cuts teacher workload.


Free, collaborative, cloud-based writing platform with over three million users, making the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific documents quicker and easier for students, teachers and researchers.


Employment & skills

Changing ways into work, work itself, and initiatives increasing skills and access to talent.

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Crowdfunding for training and qualifications for people experiencing homelessness, with support to help them into stable careers.


Founders4Schools app, digitally enabled to scale, enabling 16-24-year-olds to find, shortlist and apply to companies offering placements locally.


Acorn Aspirations inspires the next generation of artificial intelligence leaders by offering hands-on exposure to Ai, ethics, design, entrepreneurship and skills.


Technology that enhances healthcare knowledge and treatment, as well as helping people to lead healthier lives.

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NHS 111 Online

NHS Digital and NHS England’s 111 Online helps people get the right medical care by answering simple questions on their smartphones to find out what to do next.

Arthritis Virtual Assistant

Ai-powered service from Versus Arthritis giving people quick, practical, answers they need on how to live with the condition.


Using Ai algorithms and clinical, engineering and business expertise, Brainomix brings a complete stroke imaging decision support solution to hospitals worldwide.

Society theme

Connected cities

Digital initiatives that enhance urban places and spaces, and enable people to connect more easily.

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Unboxed worked with to create an on-street electric vehicle charging solution using existing residential lampposts, backed by a software platform for managing charging and payments by smartphone.


Providing clarity for the built environment, by combining the power of data with the largest, most accurate 3D digital city models.


A smart cane for the visually impaired, WeWALK detects obstacles, connects with smartphones via Bluetooth and integrates with Google Maps, Uber and Alexa.


Projects that promote online safety and security, including protecting vulnerable groups and children from online harm.

Be Strong Online Ambassadors

Diana Awards peer-led education programme helping young people develop digital resilience to protect themselves from harmful online content.

Nari Raksha - Women Protected

Aanchal Women’s Aid’s mobile and web tool for women who may be experiencing abuse, designed to reduce stigma, cultural barriers and ensure they feel comfortable to ask for help when they need it.


The Developer Society helped Samaritans to schedule their volunteers smarter, matching needs and human resources, to ensure charity support is ‘there for people when they need us, day or night.’  

Social transformation

Outward-facing products and services that make a positive social or environmental impact on society.


Social impact platform that shows any social funder exactly what their money achieves, using blockchain technology, increasing public trust in the charity sector.


Geospatial projects to bridge the sanitation data gap, enabling decision makers to better understand the problems in their cities, advocate for investment and track progress in achieving sanitation for all.

The Divorce Project

Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service-transformed national online service for people wishing to apply to legally end their marriage or civil partnership and resolve financial issues.

Sustainable living

Technologies that help people and organisations to manage and understand environmental change, or to live more sustainably.

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On a mission to change the fashion industry, Mamoq’s online marketplace offers clothing and accessories made with respect for our planet, and its people.

Website Carbon

The world’s first carbon calculator for websites, allowing owners and designers to understand the impact of their work, benchmark and improve.


Digital tools providing data to drive improvements in kitchen production processes, to help cut food waste in half, saving money and reducing environmental footprint.

Business theme

Business transformation

Projects that help business, government and non-profits to become more effective and happier, healthier places to work.

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Supporting organisations to publish their grants data openly to help people understand and use data to support decision-making and learning in charitable giving.


UnLtd’s free online tool helping businesses incorporate purpose into their articles of association, and inspire them to make authentic commitments.


Workplace mental health platform providing clinically backed tools and training to create healthier, happier, more human organisations.

Financial inclusion

Technologies that make it easier for people to save and spend, and enhance access to and the quality of financial services.

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Salary Finance

Making people’s lives better by helping them improve their finances, SalaryFinance’s socially responsible employee benefit helps people manage debt, start saving and build financial capability.


Offering financial stability for the self-employed, Trezeo helps self-employed and gig economy workers by turning unpredictable income into a regular, steady pay cheque.


Addressing financial inclusivity in cashless societies by enabling person-to-person donations, using QR codes and mobile apps.


The best in impact funding of all kinds, across all platforms, whether by individuals or institutions.

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Abundance Investment

Helping ordinary people invest over £80m in ethical projects and businesses like renewable energy and affordable housing and earn a decent return on their money.

Fair By Design

Dedicated to reshaping essential services like energy, finance, and insurance, so they don't cost more if you're poor, through a campaign and venture fund.


Building commercial tech companies to solve big social problems in the developed world, Zinc combines social sciences, entrepreneurial talent and venture capital to help build scalable, mission-led businesses.

Sharing economy

Helping people and organisations share resources more easily, for a social or environmental benefit.


Sharing economy platform connecting over a million dog owners and dog lovers, ensuring regular exercise, reduced pressure on owners and social fulfilment for everyone involved.


Social enterprise matching drivers with spare seats with those needing a lift, the UK’s biggest car-sharing community channels profits from clients to enable a free, public service to 600,000.


Changing care for older and vulnerable people by connecting experienced and trusted carers directly with families without the need for a traditional care agency.

Special awards

Individual impact

Outstanding contribution to technology for good, chosen by our grand jury.

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People’s choice award - voting now open

There are 36 finalists in all for the 2019 DigitalAgenda Impact Awards. You can now vote for the winner of our people’s choice - an extra award based on a public vote - until 23.59 on 28 February 2019. Here you can vote for as many of the 36 projects as you feel deserve your support, by ticking next to each of them via the VOTE HERE button below. One set of votes per email address please. Thank you for taking part!

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