Impact Awards 2020 – entry guidelines

Who can enter

DigitalAgenda's Impact Awards are open to any UK-founded or operating organisation, or individual – whether in the business, non-profit or public sector – using a digital product or service that looks to make the world a better place. There is no cost in entering the Impact Awards.

Entry deadline

The deadline for entering the awards is 23.59 on Monday 16 December.

Completing your entry

Entries to the 2020 Impact Awards are handled by Zealous.

When completing your submission, you need to fill in a few preliminary fields before you submit your project or individual details - starting with registering your name and email, and creating a password. This will allow you to save and revisit your entry, or submit new entries before the deadline.

The first section of the entry form will ask you to choose one of 12 categories from a drop-down menu. You’ll need to submit again to enter a different category (your first submission will be loaded automatically the second time round – see “Entering in a second category” section below).

  • For 'submission title' you should give the name of the project or individual and complete a ‘short introduction' using no more than 280 characters.

  • When asked to choose relevant 'field/s', choose 'tech'.

  • Then specify 'your role(s) - eg 'director' or 'founder', or create a new project role.

  • Then add your media. When it asks you to 'upload image and PDF' please make sure you submit a logo for the project or a high quality head-shot for an individual. The logo can be the logo of the organisation that is entering, or the project logo. You are also free to submit or embed other media.

  • After uploading these you can proceed to the next stage of filling out the form.

  • The next section asks you for your job title (which is self-explanatory).

  • Then we want the organisation or individual name and a description of what they do, in no more than 150 words.

  • After that there are simple questions asking for your twitter handle and region. These should be self explanatory.

The following fields in this section ask you for details of the project itself. Please note that these fields are the substance of your entry. The judges will look at your entries in the five fields below your description when making their decision.

  • Idea - your core proposition - 150 words max

  • Product, service or you - the digital impact that you offer - 150 words max

  • Impact - how you, your product or service is making a positive social and/or economic change, and what evidence you have to support this - 150 words max

  • Scalability - how you plan to grow your reach - 150 words max

  • People - about you as an individual or the people working on the project - 150 words max

Things we are looking for in your submission above can include:

  • evidence and measurement of impact

  • outstanding achievements

  • wins

  • industry recognition

  • future plans and projections

  • details of your growth

  • strength and diversity

  • testimonials from clients

  • supporting documents, including pitch decks, or video presentations.

Entering in a second category

You can apply to another category by submitting again. This will take no time at all, Zealous will allow you to reuse the same content on the submission step (click choose “Select from portfolio” above the title field). Zealous will also load all your answers into your application form automatically. This allows you to save time and edit your submission to match the category, should you wish to. You can find more info here.

Final checks

  • Before you submit your entry, you need to confirm that you have attached a logo, and if applicable, a pitch deck.

  • Finally you will be asked to submit your contact details for the project including address and phone number.

  • You can save your draft at any time and log back in and return to submit a final version right up until the 16 December deadline.

Need help?

If you need help submitting your entry, get in touch with DigitalAgenda through the live chat on, or email You can also contact Zealous support by following the help link in the footer.

What happens next?

Judging takes place in January 2019, with three finalists selected in each of our 12 themed categories, using the criteria you have . Finalists are announced at the end of January, with winners announced at an awards ceremony on 7 March 2019.

Following the announcement of the shortlist in January, all 36 finalists are entered into an online public ‘people’s choice’ poll.

Judging criteria

Entries are judged against five criteria:

  • idea – the core proposition

  • if a product or service – the digital innovation on offer

  • team – the skills, experience and diversity of the people working on the project

  • scalability – plans to grow

  • impact – how the project or person is making a positive change to the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

The judges may request additional information after the deadline should this be needed. All nominations received before the deadline will be considered by the judges.

Details of all entries will be kept confidential and shared only with our judging committee.


Award winners receive a trophy, along with guaranteed editorial coverage over the following year on DigitalAgenda. Winners will also join the DigitalAgenda network including events in the following year to learn from others and network.

Impact Awards - terms and conditions of entry

  • Organisations/individuals/groups can enter into up to two awards categories

  • The judging panel reserves the right to consider an entry in a different category to the one it was submitted into.

  • Entries received after the deadline may not be considered.

  • All entries are submitted online using the Zealous online entry portal.

  • We may ask for additional information may be requested after the deadline.

  • The decision of the jury is final.