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Octoplus Saving Sessions

Octopus Energy

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Brief Description:

Our relentless mission is to bring about a sustainable energy system faster and cheaper through the power of Kraken, our cutting-edge proprietary digital platform. Benefiting people, our planet and a future-fit greener grid.

Our environmental agenda goes above and beyond simply supplying fairly-priced 100% renewable energy to 5.4m UK households and businesses. We’re proud to be breaking new ground with tech-led, high impact, consumer flexibility projects that include our brilliant Octoplus Saving Sessions, now in its second year.

Enabled by the Demand Flexibility Service we helped create in partnership with National Grid ESO, Octoplus Saving Sessions works by paying participant customers to delay energy intensive activities out of peak demand times.

This, in turn, supports a more planet-friendly energy system by:
-Avoiding the need to fire up expensive coal plants at the last minute
-Delivering a planet-friendly, cost-effective, fuel-efficient grid
-Reducing costs for consumers during very difficult winter months