This year’s awards are about embedding positive impact into our actions for the benefit of the environment but also the whole fabric of society. So, in their eighth year, we have aligned our categories for 2024 more closely with ESG principles and values. This means our 12 awards – split between three central themes – will highlight the impact we need to see made using digital tools on the environment, society and governance (ESG).

Environmental Impact Award

Our environmental category is focused on finding the individuals, products, services and initiatives that have utilised digital technology in forwarding an environmental agenda. 

These individuals and organizations will have created important benchmarking guidelines and environmental campaigns, directly mitigated negative climate externalities through methods of decarbonisation and fuel efficiency or have contributed to a circular and sustainable society.

Data Initiative

Access to data can be central to decision making and transferring aspiration into actionable plans. This award is for an initiative, service or product that uses data to deliver an environmental impact. 

Sustainable Impact

This award recognises a digital initiative that contributes to outstanding research, advocacy, education or strategy to manage pollution, biodiversity loss and sustainable environmental action. 

Tech for the Planet

This award recognises a digital product or service revolutionizing how society manages and understands environmental change or helping us adapt our working, living and consuming habits to reflect these changes.

Circular Economy

The circular economy minimizes waste, transforms recycling practices in material and resource use and extends product life-cycles. This award is for a digital product or service that has significantly contributed to circular economy action.

Social Impact Award

Our social category is dedicated to the work of creating a better society through alleviating existing problems of poverty and poor outcomes in health and education, whilst also reducing the negative outcomes that arise from the work of organisations. Finalist organisations will have made significant strides in creating fair and just outcomes for all through their use of digital technology.

Digital Poverty 

This award recognises an organisation, service or initiative that is championing digital inclusion and enabling digital access as a right to increase socio-economic equality.


This award is for a product or service using technology for better healthcare outcomes, improving the social determinants of health and promoting safety and wellbeing.

Education Tech

This award is for an organisation or initiative leveraging technology to improve the quality of and or access to teaching and learning resources across different educational settings .

Social Transformation

This award is for an organisation or initiative that is creating impactful digital solutions to social challenges and effecting positive change in the community and wider society.

Governance Impact Award

Our governance category recognises the importance of new technologies in ensuring we can achieve ambitious ESG objectives, representation and inclusion at a senior organisational level, creating resilient organisations and industries as well as future-proofing and sustaining the livelihoods of all people. Organisational integrity, accountability and transparency are key to achieving these goals and our nominees encapsulate this.

Data ESG Initiative

ESG is not an initiative to be written off against P&L – it needs to be linked positively to P&L. This award is for an initiative that uses new technologies and data to ensure organisations can be confident they are delivering on their ESG strategy and allows external stakeholders including shareholders, regulators and the public to know who to trust.

Diversity of Thought in Leadership

This award is for an organisation or initiative increasing board and senior leadership positions from underrepresented demographics, tackling pay inequalities and excelling in human capital reporting.

Resilient Innovation

This award is for a product or service increasing institutional resilience, adaptability and mitigating risks across supply chains, labour forces and organisational structures.

Future of Work

This award is for a digital initiative that facilitates hybrid methods of flexible and participatory working and creates new and inclusive, sustainable pathways to access work.