Guidelines & FAQs

Impact Awards 2024: Entry Guidelines

Who can enter?

The Impact Awards are open to any UK registered or operating organisation or person – whether in the business, non-profit or public sector – with a tech-for-good product, initiative or service to make the UK a better place.

Entry deadline

The deadline for entering the awards is 12 midnight on Friday 26 January 2024. Entries received after this deadline may not be considered.

Completing your entry

Entries to the Impact Awards are handled by Digital Leaders.

You will need to create an account to begin your entry. This will allow you to save and revisit your submission, and submit to multiple categories.

Only submit your entry once you are 100% happy with your entry as you will not be able to amend once submitted.

After some preliminary contact detail questions, the following questions ask you for details of the entry itself. Please note that these fields are the substance of your entry, and the judges will look at your submissions in these four fields when making their decision.

  • Idea: The core proposition of your organisation/project/initiative (150 words)
  • Impact: What positive change is your organisation/project/initiative making? What evidence do you have to support this? (150 words)
  • Scalability: How do you plan to grow? (150 words)
  • People: What is your team like? Who is working on the organisation/project/initiative? (150 words)

Things we are looking for in your submission can include:

  • Evidence and measurement of impact
  • Outstanding achievements
  • Industry recognition/wins
  • Future plans and projections
  • Details of your growth
  • Strength and diversity
  • Testimonials from clients

Details of all entries are kept confidential, and are only shared with our judging committee.

Entering in a second category

You can enter a project in a maximum of two separate categories. You can reuse the same content for two entries. To do this, please click ‘Apply’ as if you were going to start a new submission from scratch. You will then be given the opportunity to make a second submission. This loads all your answers into the application field automatically, for you to edit to suit the new category. Please ensure that you make a minor adjustment to the tittle for your second submission in order for it to be accepted succesfuly.

(Note you can enter more than one project in the Impact Awards, but the same project can only be entered in a maximum of two separate categories)

Need help?

If you need help submitting your entry, please get in touch with Digital Leaders by emailing [email protected]. You can also contact Untap support by using their live chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Before you submit

Before you submit your entry, please ensure you have gone through this checklist to ensure you are in the best position possible for a chance of winning.

Have you proofread your submission?

There are word limits on each of the submission fields – so if you are copying and pasting your entry from elsewhere, you may find it has been cut off at the end. Please make sure you have proofread your submission before you submit.

What happens next?

Judging takes place in February 2024, with three finalists selected in each of our 12 categories. Finalists are announced at the end of February, with all of the shortlist entered into an online ‘Peoples’ Choice’ poll. The 36 finalists will be subject to a final round of judging with the winners being announced at an awards ceremony in March.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance please email Louise at Digital Leaders [email protected] or use the Untap chat in the bottom right corner.

Good luck!