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DWP Gender sponsorship Programme

DWP Digital

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Brief Description:

DWP Digital are driving forward digital transformation for the Department for Work and Pensions, the UK’s biggest public service department. DWP is committed to the Civil Service ambition to become the UK’s most inclusive employer and has a department-wide commitment to gender parity.

Having made a pledge of inclusion through the Tech Talent Charter for the 5thyear running, we s believe that a diverse workforce brings greater innovation, and creativity through valuing our differences and working collaboratively. We need diversity in leadership to shape the organisation direction and represent all citizens we serve.

We take an intersectional evidence-based approach to increase diversity of leadership, using data, analytics, and insight from various sources, including our annual colleague people survey, recruitment data, and career development survey. We use this to identify challenges and opportunities to provide a targeted diversity of leadership initiative with various strands including networks, recruitment, pay and leadership programmes.