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Brief description:

Groundsure is a leading UK environmental and climate data authority. We give land and property professionals expert information on risks including land contamination, flooding and ground stability, as well as forward guidance on potential climate risks, to advise their clients in the transaction.

We provide high value, property-specific opinions and analysis of land use, turning complex environment and climate data into clear and simple insights. This enables our clients to make better informed land and property decisions and more positive outcomes for our climate-challenged society.

For 20 years, our business was built on providing environmental data and risk assessments to property lawyers, conveyancers and environmental consultants based on past and current trends. Now, with ClimateIndex, we have pivoted the business to project into the future on how property and land assets could be affected by the growing impacts of climate change.

Why entering?

The combination of the ClimateIndex™ property-specific risk ratings, guidance on insurability, impacts to value or lending and the use of standard clauses to help explain the guidance from the data analysis has been combined to make a clear, simple, de-risked toolkit that conveyancers can use at scale. This has been a truly transformational product in the property transaction market.

Behind the scenes has been a passionate and committed project team with truly innovative climate modelling and user experience expertise. This has delivered analysis which has dramatically accelerated the understanding of potential climate change impacts on property transactions to the homebuyer and business owner.

To date, more than half a million property transactions have benefitted from ClimateIndex™ insight. We are now widely regarded as the market and thought leaders on climate risk in property transactions and have brought an initially sceptical audience along by delivering insights that add value to the lawyer-client relationship and enables firms to de-risk their potential exposure at no extra cost to themselves.

But we aren't stopping there. In the same way that climate science evolves with new data and trends, so too is ClimateIndex™. We have an extensive product roadmap and are rolling out regular enhancements and new features, based on continual customer feedback.

We have received praise from across the industry for our pioneering, innovative and bold stance on incorporating climate risk into existing environmental due diligence. As climate threats and data modelling evolves, so will we in support of the public and property law.

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