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Social Impact Award - Digital Poverty

Private Sector - SME

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Brief description:

Meshii Wi-Fi is a decentralised mesh network designed to combat digital poverty. Last year, over 1 million residents had to cancel their broadband subscriptions due to financial constraints. In response to this issue, we have developed an intelligent internet-sharing device that can easily integrate with any internet connection.

The meshii network is built by individuals and businesses who share their unused internet with a meshii hub. Each device works as a node in the network, facilitating seamless connectivity in a specific geographic area. As the network grows, we will be able to expand our reach and provide high-speed, low-cost internet to disadvantaged communities. Meshii provides hub owners with a secure way to share their internet, earn passive income, and empower underserved communities.

Why entering?

Whilst it is clear that poverty is a barrier to digital inclusion, it is not so obvious that digital poverty also has a negative effect on poverty. As more things go online, people with no internet are left unable to access things that might help them out of deprivation. Whether it's accessing education, the social security system, job opportunities or cheaper utilities.

What sets meshii apart from competitors is the use of advanced AI networking embedded within each hub to increase wireless coverage, creating a seamless network. Additionally, our digital currency rewards scheme incentivises people to join us and help build the network.

Meshii Wi-Fi is not merely an internet service but a catalyst poised to reshape the digital landscape, democratise internet access, and stimulate an era of inclusive connectivity. We envision a future where meshii Wi-Fi fosters a global web of unity and accessibility, enriching lives, communities, and businesses through its innovative technology.

At meshii Wi-Fi, we're not just envisioning a more connected world; we're building it!

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