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7 Satya

Governance Impact Award - ESG Initiative

Private Sector - SME

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Brief description:

7 Satya is a UK-based SaaS technology company on a mission to provide businesses and investors as real-time as possible global location-based environmental, social and geopolitical risk insights on where they operate, invest, and source supplies.

Why entering?

We are leading the way in harmonising the fragmented and complex global patchwork of ESG data into an easy to understand format using our proprietary scoring methodology. Our affordable and flexible product suite brings geospatial technology into the mainstream and empowers business leaders to take action.

We have signed our first commercial contracts and are seeing significant interest across industries, including from many impact businesses, as we help automate many processes that are manual and time consuming today. For others we are giving them access to this information for the first time.

Operating largely in stealth until now, we are now ready to start raising our profile a bit and winning an Impact Award would definitely help!

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